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Does anything be better than party whit a friends at weekend, when you have the Quacktendo Entertainment System and cool game for it?! Join to our party and take a gamepad, buddy! If you are with us let’s play Alexio a proven hit, you will like it!

So, listen. Alexio is a platfromer about Alex duckling. On the day of his sixth birthday he learned from his father how to take his own Monobrow and the next day our hero hit the road. Together with Alex you travel trough flower meadows, lake, forests, mountains, caverns and ancient ruins to reach a final destination – a shrine, where glorious award await. Intriguing, right? So let’s play! Push START!

Game features:
- Time-tested gameplay with some special game mechanics. 
Too hard? Try the "birdie mode"!
- 12 levels in 6 different locations each with their own features
- Several types of headgear granting our hero with different abilities
- Many secrets and collectable items

Download demo

Alexio_demo2_0.8.5 17 MB
Alexio_demo1_0.6.0 10 MB


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